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Hypnotherapy Explored: Weight Loss

In today’s modern world, there are many illnesses that can affect the majority of the population. One of the major health problems in the western world is weight gain and obesity. If you would like to lose weight and live a healthier life, you can consider hypnotherapy. If you happen to reside in Lower Hutt, Wellington or anywhere in New Zealand, you should consider taking advantage of Dr. Patrick McCarthy’s services.

How It Works

When used in the correct way hypnotherapy can help you improve your health and well-being. The technique has been used for years to treat sleep problems, withdrawal symptoms in drug users as well as anxiety.

Dr. McCarthy points out that hypnotherapy can also be a remedy for conditions such as post-natal depression, chronic pain, stress, phobias and even treat irritable bowel syndrome. He also encourages expectant mothers to take advantage of the therapy as it prepares them for childbirth.

Dr. McCarthy is one of the best when it comes to medical hypnotherapy in Wellington. He usually organises his sessions with clients based on their personal needs and history. A typical session would start with the client being taught the art of self-hypnosis. Patients need to be empowered about self-hypnosis because it is a skill which they can apply in their daily lives.

The first session normally entails teaching the patient how hypnosis works and how it will benefit them. This is also the time for your doctor to create a rapport with you since you will be working together for some time. The good thing is that the sessions are recorded and each patient gets a copy of the recording to help them reinforce the skills they learn.


Most people in New Zealand try different methods of solving their day-to-day problems without considering the impact of those methods in their lives. If you want to try medical hypnosis but you do not know what to expect, some benefits of the technique will make you make a decision.

Hypnotherapy is safe and if performed by a professional, you can recover from your condition in no time. The advantage of going to a professional like Dr. McCarthy is that they have experience and knowledge in the field.

The hypnosis market in New Zealand is not regulated and this makes patients vulnerable to con-artists who claim to know the technique. With this in mind, it would be in your best interest to look for a doctor who is reputable and experienced in the science and art of hypnosis. The advantage of consulting Dr. McCarthy is that he has been a doctor for many years and he has years of experience in medical hypnotherapy. He not only has a great success record but he is also affiliated to bodies such as the New Zealand Society of Hypnosis.

If you are looking to find a hypnotherapist in Wellington, Dr. McCarthy is the best option. Losing some weight and taking charge of your health and lifestyle can be achieved through hypnotherapy techniques. To book an appointment with Dr. McCarthy, visit his website at www.medicalhypnosis.co.nz and fill the online form.

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