The countdown to release day has ended. The long-awaited new strawpeople album 'count backwards from 10' is in stores now!

The new strawpeople album "count backwards from 10" continues the successful formula; Producer Paul Casserly has once again brought together an all-star musical co-op of songwriters, vocalists and musicians to create his  unique blend of moody electro-pop, featuring gorgeous vocals over slinky electronic beats.

ďItís taken a while to whittle this album together, but Iím glad Iíve taken my time. Itís been a bit like building a boat on your front lawn: sometimes it sits for months with the plastic over it, but youíve got to get it right, otherwise the bugger will sink the first day you take it out.Ē - Paul Casserly.

With contributions from
Fiona McDonald, Pearl Runga, Boh Runga, Leza Corban, Jordan Reyne, Mahinarangi Tocker, Dan Sperber, Max Stowers, Godfrey de Grut, Joost Langeveld, Chris van de Geer
and more.




count backwards from 10

01. driving around
02. no one like you
03. you've been on my mind
04. floating
05. running away
06. wire
07. the andy warhol effect
08. love my way
09. winter
10. rain
11. parade

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